Administrative Services Council


The Administrative Services (AS) Council is the primary planning and policy-making committee for the Administrative Services Division and is responsible for the continuous quality improvement and consistency of the College’s business, finance, information technology, and infrastructure improvement activities.
The AS Council reports to the Vice President of Administrative Services (VPAS) who considers all recommendations made by the AS Council and endorses those that are informed by best practice and compliant with applicable law. All approved recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Council for final review and adoption.

AS Members

Dwayne Fehrenbacher Chair, Director of Information Technology
Brandy Woods Director of Business Services
Don Koch Director of Facilities
Ginger Harner Director of Adult & Alternative Education
Lindsay Johnson Director of Community Education & Outreach Centers
Stacy Simpson Bookstore Manager
Evelyn Davis Staff
Kaylyn Meyers Staff
Michelle Williams Staff
Rebecca Steinmetz Staff
Sheryl Ribbing Faculty