Teaching and Learning Center

SCC encourages excellence in teaching and learning by providing faculty with a Teaching and Learning Center to experience, develop and practice instructional innovation.

The Teaching and Learning Center is located in the Library. The TLC is open to all faculty at all times. If the TLC is locked, faculty may contact SCC Security, identify him or herself as faculty, and ask that the TLC be unlocked for use. Please be sure to have the door relocked and secure the facility when leaving.


Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a resource for faculty, students and staff providing helpful articles on how to use the services the college provides. Knowledge base articles range from purely information to explicit step-by-step instructions. Please contact the Teaching and Learning Center to suggest future articles.


One Button Studio

The One Button Studio is a self-service video production studio for instructors and students. The studio is set up to allow users to walk out with a finished high-quality video recording. Walk-in access is available, but reservations are recommended. Learn how to get started.



Monday – Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm



Rob Lucas

Educational Technology Specialist